This Post is My Final College Assignment

How crazy is that?

This blog started as a project, a way to solidify my digital identity. It has since evolved into something I really enjoy. For those who read my last post, you’ll know that I had a lot of trouble getting into social media, and dealt with a lot of stress going digital.

Now, I enjoy Tweeting and Instagramming. More than either of those, I enjoy this blog. It’s a way for me to express myself both personally and professionally, and to reconcile those two personalities. I told myself I wouldn’t continue with this post-college, but now, I’m sure that this will continue to be my dumping ground for thoughts and opinions on marketing, and on life in general.

This is what a college senior looks like.

It’s been a wild four years at Champlain College. I started off in environmental policy, but switched over to marketing when I found a real passion for it. I’ve had an amazing support network: my family (naturally), my girlfriend Ciera, my friends, and my professors. A huge shout out goes to Professor Elaine Young. Not only have I taken a handful of classes with her, but she has been my advisor throughout this crazy endeavor.

Sophomore year, I battled depression, and took a semester off for my own health. Elaine helped me get back on track following my return, and is the only reason I’m graduating on time. She expects a lot from her students, and while I can’t say any of the classes have been particularly easy, I’ve learned the most from her. She pushed me to get Inbound certified, and had me putting together full marketing plans in my 100 level courses. I honestly cannot thank her enough.

This college has a lot going on. In my time here, they’ve thrown me into projects working with local companies including Old Spokes Home, Stand Up for the Lake, Green State Gardener, and Vermont Vines. The pressure of having a real client is daunting at first, but you churn out your best work and get amazing experience. Champlain and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, but this place has made me a competent professional.

My classmates as well have been amazing. I always feared that marketing students would be cutthroat, but what an amazingly supportive community they’ve been! I urge you to show some love to these people; they’re going great places:

Lauren Buniva

Ben Follett

Todd Steiner

Katie Weed

Greg Salwen

To name a few. You all rock, and I’m ready to burst out into the world. I’m off to Portland, Maine, where I hope to be making my mark. I’m not sure of what the future holds, but I know I’m going great places. Thanks for the ride!

Looking back, all those years, I’m going to miss this place.