“It’s Toasted”

The world of marketing is ever-changing. I know that sounds cliché, so, to be more specific, it is changing exponentially. As technology advances, we are finding more and more ways to reach out to customers, and the platforms we use to do so are expanding rapidly.

With this in mind, there is a particular way of thinking that I am seeing quite often in professional environments, and it is troubling. I will refer to this as the “Mad Men Mindset”.


The “Mad Men Mindset” is the idea that creativity and charisma is all that is necessary to succeed in the marketing world. People who subscribe to the school of thought believe that money can be gained with the utterance of a simple phrase in a moment of inspiration, as Don Draper did when he said “It’s Toasted”.

It’s a romantic idea, one that, unfortunately, doesn’t work in the real world. I mentioned above the idea that marketing is undergoing exponential change. As it integrates more and more into the digital landscape, a greater amount of technical skill is necessary to reach out to a target market. SEO and analytical tools may be relatively new, but it’s imperative for the new generation of marketers to understand them in order to be successful given the digitalization of the industry.

I understand the desire to be a “Mad Man”. It’s sleek, sexy, and dramatic, but it is no longer representative of what it means to be an advertiser. Sure, charisma and creativity are still useful, but with such a competitive job pool, specialization is necessary.

There are a handful of SEO tools I can vouch for. These are great introductory programs to understand your website’s performance, and the competition you face:

  • Moz
  • SEMrush
  • Google Analytics

In addition, Adwords are critical to understand if you want to be involved in the digital marketing plan. If digital marketing isn’t your thing, find a focus. Maybe you want to conduct market research and integrate your findings. Maybe you can coordinate events with venues and planners. Maybe you’ll participate in negotiations and conduct the sales of ad-space.

No matter what you do, GET HARD SKILLS. That is what makes you valuable.